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Home Care With
a Personal Touch

Our goal is to improve quality of life
for every client.

Personal Hygiene

You can trust our staff to deliver the highest standard of personal care with services that include bathing, grooming, and dressing. Will help transition from one setting to another with ease and comfort.


We do everything we can to help our clients stay as active as possible to maintain independence and improve overall health. Will include exercising, walking.

Medication Reminders

To help our clients stay well and maintain the best possible health, we give convenient and friendly medication reminders


Our staff can handle a variety of light housekeeping tasks so that clients have a clean and comfortable home environment. Will include cleaning and laundry.


Our caring staff provides support by accompanying individuals outside the home and arranging transportation when needed. Will include escort to medical appointments and shopping.

Meals & Feeding

From grocery shopping to eating assistance, our staff ensures that every client receives nutritious meals to maintain good health. Will include meal preparation, feeding, and grocery shopping.

Primary Home Care

Your Solution for Professional In-Home Care.

Most of us desire to continue living independently in the comfort and familiar surroundings of our own homes and remain self-sufficient. But when performing essential day-to-day tasks becomes too difficult due to a sudden illness, a chronic condition,
or the very fact of aging, it is time to consider professional home care.


Do you have questions about home health care? Please review our list of frequently asked questions, or call us for assistance.

Primary home care is specifically designed to deal with acute changes in a person's ability to perform day-to-day tasks such as hygiene, housekeeping, cooking, shopping or even walking steadily without assistance.  Need to have an approved medical need for assistance with care tasks.  This includes, but not limited to:
■ a person who is: 21 years of age or older
■ those who cannot perform day-to-day personal care tasks
■ in need of care on an intermittent basis
■ is incapacitated due to a chronic condition
■ is suffering from advanced aging that limits their daily living abilities
■ must be eligible for Medicaid.

Normally physicians will make the referrals.  Other healthcare professionals, family members, friends, neighbors, clergy, social workers or the individual himself/herself also can make referrals.

Once our agency receives a referral a staff member will come to your home to talk to you about your needs and ask you some questions about your current situation.  The Referral is processed with Texas Department of Aging and Disability, HMO's and a caseworker will evaluate need for services.

Services are based on client's need and may include, but not limited to:
■ escorting a person to medical appointment for diagnosis and/or treatment
■ home management to help with housekeeping activities that support the person's health and safety
■ personal care related to the care of the person's physical health.

■ The Department of Aging & Disability directs the program.
■ Services are paid for through a provider which can  be through Regular/Traditional Medicaid,  or through MCO Insurance providers such as Superior, Molina, Driscoll, United Health Care, and others.  Seasons PHC is contracted and licensed by the State of Texas to provide Primary Home Care services and we are also contracted with all of the MCO Insurance providers.

Qualifications are decided through Medicaid and HMO's (Health Maintenance Organization, also called MCO's or Managed Care Organizations) are based on income, assets, and health conditions that cause functional limitations in performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). Financial eligibility may also be determined by the verification of the applicant's Medicaid status by the Texas Department Health and Human Services Commission (formerly known as the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services or DADS).

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