Personal Hygiene

You can trust our staff to deliver the highest standard of personal care with services that include bathing, grooming, and dressing.

Maintaining Good Hygiene
We know that it can be difficult for our clients to keep up with their personal hygiene. That’s why we help our clients with good hygiene practices. Our staff is trained to maintain client independence and dignity while keeping them safe and clean. Among other personal hygiene needs, our compassionate staff assists with:

■ Bathing, Grooming, and Dressing
This promotes good health and self-esteem. We assist with bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, dressing, and more.

■ Toileting
We assist clients with toilet hygiene, including the use of toilet paper and washing hands.

Meals & Feeding

From grocery shopping to eating assistance, our staff ensures that every client receives nutritious meals to maintain good health.

Proper Nutrition for Clients
Preparing healthy food can be challenging and mealtimes can be lonely. Furthermore, grocery shopping and eating difficulties may stand in the way of good nutrition. Our meal preparation and feeding services can help clients follow a healthy diet. We work along with clients to prepare daily meals. Our services include:

■ Shopping and Preparation
We help clients get the groceries they need and provide assistance with preparing healthy, nutritious meals.

■ Feeding Assistance
Our staff provides caring companionship during meals and will provide feeding assistance when needed.


Our caring staff provides support by accompanying individuals outside the home and arranging transportation when needed.

Help Outside the Home
These days, home care is not just for inside the home. Our staff plays an important role in escorting clients to medical appointments, shopping centers, salons, and more. We stay with clients throughout appointments and events, providing one-on-one care to ensure safety and comfort. Our companionship and escorting services include:

■ Accompanying individuals outside the home to support community interaction.

■ Arranging transportation, not including direct individual transportation.

■ Escorting clients to medical locations for diagnosis and treatment.

■ Waiting at medical facilities due to medical conditions or distance from home.

Medication Assistance

To help our clients stay well and maintain the best possible health, we provide assistance with self-administration of medication.

Keeping Health on Track

Medication management plays a critical role in the daily lives of our clients. With a long list of prescribed medications, it can be difficult to take medications at the right time. Fortunately, our caregivers are there to ensure that clients take the correct medication when needed. Our medication management services include:

■ Reminding clients to take medication at a prescribed time.

■ Opening and closing medication containers.

■ Pouring a predetermined quantity of liquid to be ingested.

■ Returning medications to the proper storage area.

■ Assistance with reordering medications from the pharmacy. 

Walking / Excercise

We do everything we can to help our clients stay as active as possible to maintain independence and improve overall health.

Enjoyable Walking For Seniors

Our goal is to help our clients have a pleasant time while walking so that they want to stay active. Walking is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can reduce the risk of developing a number of health conditions. It can also boost self-confidence and help improve quality of life. We accompany clients during walks and outings so that they can get some physical activity in a safe manner.


Our staff can handle a variety of light housekeeping tasks so that clients have a clean and comfortable home environment.

Maintaining a Clean Home

When a home is neat, clean, and organized, the occupants enjoy a sense of calmness and an improved feeling of wellbeing. It’s not easy to maintain a clean home, which is why we offer light housekeeping services. We make it possible for our clients to have the peace of mind that comes with a tidy home. Our housekeeping services include:

■ Cleaning
We will disinfect surfaces, clean appliances, vacuum floors, and help clients keep their living areas organized.

■ Laundry
Our staff can wash and dry laundry such as clothes, towels, and linens so that clients can feel fresh and clean.

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